Testimonial from Marie Cellena

THIS IS A PLACE HOLDER IMAGEOur Daughter, Coreen Cellana, had the home noted above built by Tiffany. However, since she currently resides in New York, we were the people who had most of the phone and personal contact with the Tiffany staff. From start to finish the experience was 99% positive and 1% negative was not really something within Tiffany’s control. The Hurricanes of 2004 moved the completion date from February 2005 to September 2005 not just because of general difficulties in location supplies and qualified craftsmen, but because your company took it upon itself, at your own expense, to hire an environmental engineering firm to inspect every incomplete structure and issue a certificate stating that our future home had not been compromised. VERY reassuring.

Cheryl Bennet is an outstanding representative of the Tiffany Product…knowledgeable yet never afraid to say, “Good question. I am not sure of the answer but I will find out for you.” And she always did. We received numerous phone calls from her…..nothing ever “fell between the cracks.”

The construction managers, Tim, and later Brett, were always punctual, polite, informative and helpful. Brett did an absolutely brilliant job on the walk through…his sincere concern that everything be ‘just so’ was evident and appreciated. The house was immaculate…clean, clean, clean.  Applause to whomever does that task for you. There was not a single dent, knick or scratch on any surface…appliances, counter tops, cabinets, tile, mirrors, etc. Nothing wobble, jiggled or did not line up correctly. The end result was a house that was perfect and ready to turn into a home. Bravo to all responsible!

The staff at headquarters, Lynda, Judy, and others we spoke with whose names I cannot recall, were always polite, organized, informative, and paid meticulous attention to all of the minute paper work details to assure a smooth transition from Tiffany to our daughter.

Having had this very positive experience with Tiffany, it is clear that the sterling reputation you have earned during your 25 plus years in business is deserved. We wish you 25 more and, on behalf of our daughter….the proud new owner…we offer our thanks.

  Marie & Rudy Cellana