Testimonial from Philip Houbler

THIS IS A PLACE HOLDER IMAGEThe purpose of this communication is to comment on your superb staff. I have recently had the experience of purchasing two units in your Heritage Isle development. My first exposure to Tiffany Homes came in the form of Ms. Lynda Plummer, your resident sales associate. As a retired luxury automobile dealer with over 35 years of dealing with the public, I can only say what a delight she is and, over the past year what a professional, excellent and knowledgeable representative of Tiffany Homes she has repeatedly demonstrated to be.

As I labored through the construction phases of my two units on Carambola Circle, I had the good fortune to have the patient assistance of Ms. Ann Marie Reilly to guide me through the confusing labyrinth of upgrade options, colors, designs and other decorative decisions. As you well know these items are the key ingredients which turn “just a house” into a warm and comfortable home. Likewise, I feel compelled to comment on your general construction foreman, Mr. Craig Allebaugh. Craig is a master juggler who, by force of his management skills alone, seems always to be able to prevent crystal balls from crashing to the earth while simultaneously orchestrating a complex symphony of materials availability and subcontractor scheduling. To his credit, through it all, he still somehow manages to maintain his availability and a pleasant composure to your clients. He is a master of diplomacy, tact and expertise especially in explaining the nuisances, adjustments and foibles which inevitably occur during construction. He clearly is an invaluable asset to your team.

My bottom line to you is simple. I am firmly convinced that the outstanding reputation of Tiffany Homes is a reflection of your caring, professional personnel who meet and shepherd your clients in such outstanding fashion. In these days where Customer Service Indices (CSI’s) determine so much of our success and determine the roadmap for growth, I suggest that Tiffany Homes would be hard-pressed to acquire additional representation the likes of these three employees. I am confident that if those of your organization whom I have not met mirror the standards of those with whom I have enjoyed this year-long association, Tiffany Construction and Development Corporation can have nothing but explosive success in its future.

  Philip C. Houbler